Industrial and Work Programs

Industrial and Work programs

Our hospital’s Industrial Rehabilitation Program is an injury prevention and management program. Our goal is to identify the injured worker’s current limitations and successfully rehabilitate for a safe return to work.

Program components

Return-to-work programs 

Functional capacity evaluations consist of one or two-day assessments designed to evaluate the worker’s physical capacities and limitations with respect to normal functions.

Work hardening utilizes work-centered activities in an organized program to recondition injured workers and facilitate a safe and timely return to work. The highly structured program consists of four to eight hours of services, three to five days a week.

Work conditioning is a work-related program with one to four hours of services, two to three days a week.

Industrial and work program benefits

  • Expedites safe return to work
  • Improves productivity
  • Lowers overall costs
  • Reduces potential for re-injury through job-specific training
  • Increases employee motivation, confidence and stress

Our Occupational Health Services specializes in the treatment of work-related injuries. We keep employers informed of an injured employee’s progress and document and bill all workers’ compensation claims.

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