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Kurt Johnson

Kurt Johnson

Ask 70-year-old Kurt Johnson of York, Pennsylvania what he enjoys doing most, and he’ll tell you he likes to stay active. He’s done so for years, including 22 years with the Navy where special assignments kept Johnson constantly on the go.  The busy routine was right up his alley; however, it also led to chronic knee problems down the road.

Later in life, Kurt encountered the need for joint replacements in both knees, with the first one being attributed to injuries from his days in the Navy.  For rehabilitation following his surgery, he chose HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of York. After a highly successful recovery, Kurt soon looked toward a joint replacement for his other knee, aching from arthritis and years of wear and tear.  Without question, HealthSouth was his choice for therapy once again.

I’ve been around in my lifetime, Kurt says. “And I’ve never been treated better anywhere else. Period.  HealthSouth was always there for me.  They have the greatest people in the world.”

Kurt received a personalized therapy program that targeted his specific needs for improvement.  Ultrasound, cycling equipment and exercises enhanced his progress, helping him reach his goals on schedule.  Not even an undiagnosed degenerative disc condition could stop his progress.  His therapist consulted with Kurt’s physician about unusual pain Johnson experienced.  After his physician reviewed an MRI, epidurals were administered to his back and the pain ceased, allowing Johnson to give 100 percent in therapy.

On the last day – following his inpatient stay, Kurt walked out on his own after less than two weeks of rehabilitation.  Outpatient therapy continued his progress, helping him renew his independence for a higher quality of life.

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