Patient Testimonial

Kim Rau

Kim Rau

December of 2009 is a month Kim Rau of York, Pennsylvania will never forget. During what should have been a festive time of the season, Kim’s life took and unexpected turn for the worse, sending her down a dismal road of darkness.  Without warning, Kim suffered a rare neurological syndrome, inducing a life-threatening brain injury leaving her helpless to care herself.

Kim could not move her limbs, eat, speak or walk.  Doctors prepared her family for the inevitable.  She would never improve and was destined to live in a nursing home for the rest of her life.

When family heard the news, first came the shock.  Then came a glimmer of hope – the family had heard of patient success stories at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of York and wanted to give Kim the chance she deserved.

Upon her admittance to HealthSouth York, Kim’s muscles were flexed and tight.  Moving from her bed to a wheelchair took the help of three team members.  Kim was constantly challenged by pain penetrating her entire body.  However, therapists encouraged her to get moving - to work hard - to get better. With these words came results.

Through determination and her personalized rehabilitation program, Kim progressed with miraculous strides, giving her “a reason to look forward to living life again,” she remarked.

After two months of inpatient physical, occupational and speech therapies, and even an aquatic therapy pseudo - snowball fight or two, Kim walked out of HealthSouth to return home – a place some predicted she would never see again.

Five months of outpatient therapy followed, with continued progress made day to day. Now fully functional and able to live independently, Kim attributes her success to HealthSouth.

“Nobody thought I would make it, but, HealthSouth knew I could. They took me aside-made me feel special-and told me I could do it.”

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